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Small Devices

When you need work done on your phone or tablet, let us take care of you. We handle a variety of repairs and replacements for most of the popular phones and tablets. We service Apple iPhone & iPad devices and many Android based phones and tablets.

  • Screens

    Did you drop your phone? Let us fix it for you!

  • Buttons & Switches

    Stuck keys? let us pop those little things back in place for you.

  • Software Recovery

    Got viruses? we'll remove the pesky little buggers.

  • Charging Ports

    Do you miss your headphone jack now? Me too... We'll take care of it.

  • Camera

    Accidentally break your Camera? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

  • Battery

    Did your charger kill your battery? We'll fix it for you.

  • Data Recovery

    Slippery finger delete your pictures? We'll get them back.

  • Speaker

    I can't hear you, could you speak up?


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